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Beth Philley was born in the small town of Greenhills, Ohio, a suburb of Cincinnati and a place she describes as "just a little bit bigger than Mayberry."  The youngest of six children, Beth attended the Greenhills public schools, then went to Kent State on an Air Force ROTC scholarship, which she quickly lost because she never could get the hang of following orders. 


Borrowing massive amounts of money from her parents, Beth graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from Kent and went on to begin medical school at the Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine.  Turns out you can't love sleep as much as Beth does and still graduate from med school, so she dropped out after three very long years and decided to pursue a career in business.  She then earned her Masters Degree in Business Management from Antioch University in Yellow Springs, Ohio.


She worked at a pretzel factory, a steakhouse chain, a small ministry, and several temporary agencies before landing at a major Midwestern electric utility, where she supervised a group of credit dispatchers. "It pays the bills, but it's not at all creative," Beth said of her day job.


After losing her father, sending a long-time foster child home, and very nearly losing her son in the course of six months, Beth knew she had to begin following her dream of starting a business that allowed her to use her creative side.  "Life's just too short," she said as she started a small firm called .  The company provides curriculum development and ghost writing services to a variety of clients internationally.  One of her biggest clients is, where she writes the blog, the articles, and the online newsletter.  Beth also provides coaching to business clients and is a certified trainer in Ohio child welfare, creating and teaching in-service training classes to foster parents and social workers throughout the state.


After about three years of writing for other people, Beth decided to embark on her own writing career, publishing the romantic mystery Caribbean Destiny:  A Molly Logan Mystery and the non-fiction 101 Things You Should Know Before Getting a Dog.  She is currently working on a small business handbook called 101 Keys to Small Business Success, as well as on the second book in the Molly Logan series, Missing in Action.


One of Beth's guilty pleasures is watching crime dramas on television, and she really fell hard for the CBS hit Criminal Minds.  She has written a backstory for the characters called Men of the BAU, detailing how the characters came to the decision to take a job which required them to confront such gruesome inhumanity every day.


Beth and her partner, Debbie, have fostered more than forty children over the course of eighteen years, adopting three boys who are now well on their way to be grown.  They share their Canton, Ohio home with four dogs and two cats.  In her "spare" time, she crochets afghans for just about everyone she knows.


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